Zoologist Hummingbird Fragrance!

We are pleased to announce that our current scouting is sponsored in part by niche fragrance house Zoologist and their incredible recent release “Hummingbird.”

Hummingbird is a delicious fruity floral fragrance, a feminine-leaning fragrance that we feel makes for a most excellent departure from the overly synthetic-smelling and intense flower bed perfumes found at most department stores by common designers.

Made without animal ingredients and never any animal testing, we encourage our models to indulge in this uniquely alluring scent that is impossible to resist.  Rarely are female fragrances made that do not over-power with scratchy and offensive notes that scream and invade; Hummingbird draws in and invites, a comfortable, cozy and certainly sexy scent that we feel sets a standard of excellence in the fragrance industry.

Be sure to check out Zoologist’s other intriguing releases.  All of their fragrances are available online at ZoologistPerfumes.com