What do YOU need to work with us?

     We try to make our offer as appealing as possible, and we need to make sure the models are happy with what they are doing.   

     If you know you may be interested in earning extra money through our modeling gigs, but have requirements in order to do so, let us know what they are and we will try to work with you on them.    

     Examples: We do a wide spectrum of modeling, from fairly tame material (perfume sampling), all the way to very outwardly sexy, thong bikinis, and the like.

     Some of our models want as much exposure (meaning audience) as possible.  Others want only ad-based exposure, where the content we build from your sessions with us is used only for commercial advertising, to limit social exposure.  (We do not include the names of our models for contractual reasons in any of our content, for example; if you DO want that, for the purposes of branding yourself, let us know).    

     If you would like to participate, but have certain requirements that you feel need to be in place, discuss them with us.

     Interested in only shorts modeling for various promotions relating to shorts and similar attire?  Let us know.

     Interested in appearing only in ads relating to commercial products?  Let us know.

     Point being, you were approached because you have lots of value, just as you present yourself.  We have use for your look in a variety of commercial contexts.  So we are willing to work with you if you have specific needs.  Just ask.