Easy, Safe Gigs–For Amateurs and Serious Models–Bonus Money Making Opportunities

     You are being offered the opportunity to get paid for very easy, enjoyable, fun, relaxed and informal “modeling” sessions/gigs. We use “quotes” because although we do offer straight-up modeling sessions with a photographer in a studio, this offer is about far more.


     FairportGym21-150x150You were approached because you have a commercial/marketing appeal that we can utilize. Something about your appearance and/or presentation can translate into the attention-grabbing we need for our online advertising efforts.


     To get this part out of the way: We are not about porn, adult material or web cams, and there is no nudity. We are about capitalizing on a woman’s attractiveness and sex appeal to help draw attention to various marketing efforts we are actively involved in. It works and works well. An attractive woman is just about the most effective form of marketing there is, and it does not require a woman be nude to accomplish the goal.


If you would like to get paid for easy video gigs…if you have no previous experience it can still be virtually effortless, and certainly fun/enjoyable…consider this offer!

     We will pay you depending on your level of experience, and what kind of modeling you are open to; what we look for is a range from modeling in sports/workout attire, all the way to thong bikinis. You decide where in that range you are most comfortable, and we move forward from there.

     You Have Seen Our Work!…

     Ever web surf, and see what looks like random pictures of attractive women tied to various form of ads? Or those gifs (short video excerpts) of a woman doing something with an ad attached to it? Or Vines of attractive women embedded on a page?Kristina1-300x199

     That is a part of what we do. We of course are not responsible for all of those ads and content. But we have a good chunk of them out there, such that you have likely seen a sample of how we monetize what we do.

     We also provide footage to third party animators and similar projects that need attractive women in video format to help build caricatures off of and other creative works.

     To obtain this content, we have video-making “gigs” or “sessions.” Most last about two hours, and can take place in a near-endless variety of places depending on what you as the model are most comfortable with, and what we as the producers/agents would need for our projects. They are often super-easy and outright enjoyable.


Examples of Past & Current Sessions

-Workout sessions if the model has experience with exercise at a popular club in Fairport

-Bikini footage at a local park (we are usually at Ellison or Webster), private studio, or mutually agreed upon location

-Video footage in a comfortable indoor studio environment or other location during colder weather

-Simple walking, sitting, jogging, running, relaxing, semi-random (lightly directed) summer attire video footage at local park, local event, public market, shopping area, landmark or studio

-A pro photography session in a studio that will provide you with free professional photos for resumes/portfolios, including head shots (we cover the expenses for you)

-”Body part Only” footage: Ever see an ad with a bunch of quick imagery, including a sexy body (or body part) in athletic wear, but you can’t see the rest of the model? We do footage like that often! If you’re not comfortable having your face seen, this is an option for you.

-”Skill Set” footage: Filming a model as she engages in a favorite activity/hobby that she is skilled at, such as sporting options (gymnastics, swimming/diving, running/sprinting, competitive figure/fitness/bodybuilding/pro bikini, volleyball) or in the entertainment field such as acting or dancing

-Very simple and near-random videography of you studying, reading, simple walking (yes, it can be that easy to get paid just for being filmed) or other common activity wearing something eye-catching…a cute top with “Daisy Dukes” jean shorts or similar

-The “Use Us” Option: Models have used our platform to promote something important to them. A charity, perhaps even a philosophy or cause. (No religion or politics please). Assuming you want the widest exposure possible, we can get you in front of literally tens of thousands of eyes within just a few days time (try to do that on your own!). And it increases from there into the hundreds of thousands over time.

-A favorite for many ladies; a simple “shopping session” at a local mall trying on clothes (not filming the changing of course)


     A HUGE range of possibilities based on your comfort level and experience; just contact us and we will see what fits so that you are happy, and we in turn get the footage we need, you get the pay you need, and everyone is happy. You would not have been approached if you did not qualify for this opportunity.



     The options available to you are actually limitless, it just becomes a matter of what are you willing to do to enable us to obtain footage of you; contact us with your own creative options and we will consider them! SET THE TERMS YOURSELF…(“I won’t do thongs, no excessive cleavage, but will do sport shorts and sport tops…” etc). The idea is that we want and need you to be happy with the process, what you’re doing, and pay; there are other marketers online who don’t even bother asking permission, and certainly do not even pay for footage; there are legal loopholes that enable people to be filmed without their knowledge, and the footage is used for similar marketing tactics. We don’t believe in doing that. We would much rather pay you for your time, energy and great looks!



…“I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this!“ (“Anna” in June of 2013, referencing the fact that the session was basically effortless and fun).




Are you thinking: “But I don’t think I can DO this!”

     We love working with, and have a preference for amateur models. The one road block we run up against the most are ladies who are definitely interested in a modeling type of gig, but feel that they lack the necessary skills to actually do the work involved.

     We therefore have gone lengths on this page to make it very clear: there is NO experience that is necessary for you to get paid to provide us with the footage we need. Our beginning sessions are deliberately very informal and relaxed so that the models like yourself are as comfortable as possible so that we can get what we need. The fact is, obtaining even the most random footage of an attractive model often ends up being the very footage we end up having the most use for in our promotions. Meaning, we can get useful footage from simply filming you just being yourself and without having any direction added at all. The most direction given during the initial filming sessions often amounts to little more than repetition; asking you to repeat something you just did, such as walking from one place to another in an outfit, etc. Normal, everyday activities. Believe it or not, this type of footage is actually…(a little secret given away here)…what tends to pull the largest audience that we draw into our product promotions. Audiences love what they perceive as somewhat “candid footage.” We use this perspective to our advantage to draw attention to all sorts of promotions we do. We have fine-tuned it into an art form that works. And that requires so little from you that you won’t believe you’re getting paid for doing so little.

     We can and do work with models from well-known agencies. But the amateurs and unknowns, like yourself, are not only a lot more enjoyable for us to work with, but provide the fresh faces that the agencies never can. YOU are in demand! Let us help you make a little money from simply being yourself and showing off a little. It is a normal part of human nature to be attracted to others. Why not get paid for the attention you’re already drawing to yourself naturally!


Your Safety and Comfort Assurance:

     There is an unfortunate trend in the world of modeling opportunities, and in the world in general; that of fear, to the point of a dysfunctional paranoia. It is of course prudent to be cautious, but when it becomes excessive and stops a person from taking advantage of legitimate opportunity, it works far more against them, than for them. I have watched this fear factor evolve to extremes over the past ten years.

     This site presents an honest opportunity for you. We have been actively working with models for quite some time as a focal part of our business, including ladies you have seen on an MTV reality show, extras in the movie “Rock of Ages” with Tom Cruise, international Pro Bikini and Fitness/Figure competitors, and models that have worked with Playboy doing non-nude work. This website is owned and hosted by trackable means, is a subsidiary of a registered New York LLC, and has used the same phone number for over fifteen years through Verizon. To help reinforce comfort levels even further, we offer the model the opportunity to bring an escort(s) to sessions, with certain reasonable limitations as discussed.

     On top of this, we live in the age of cell phone communications. Everyone has one. Everyone can stay in close and even constant contact with friends and loved ones. They also have built-in GPS systems now offering everyone an even further safety net that did not exist 10 years ago.

     There is always reason to be careful these days. But with the information age the way that it is, and the efforts businesses like ours are willing to go to ensure comfort and safety, it’s important to keep a healthy perspective in an effort to help yourself and achieve your goals.

     If you have any concerns, ASK QUESTIONS. We will work with you per what YOU need to help you make money from easy and enjoyable sessions with us. We ask that you keep the “fear factor” in check…do your due diligence by asking those questions…and do not disregard an opportunity solely out of fears that may be highly exaggerated.



     Your pay will be based on any level of experience that you have, and then on what you are willing to do. Obviously a thong bikini session at the park and/or with a professional photographer will be higher paying than a session of you shopping for summer attire at the mall. So we will negotiate payment per whatever you are most comfortable with, and take it from there. Rest assured we pay industry standards and even higher. To give you an idea, we pay at least TWICE what Wilhelmina pays their models, and have once paid literally TEN TIMES what they pay for a thong bikini session we did in our photography studio. (TEN times; yes, she was a professional calendar model, but the point is, other agencies, we feel, under-pay). Starting at twice their rates is a given for us, and very often we start at three times what they offer, for nothing more than easy random footage of you in some cute attire, likely what ever you were wearing when you were approached as an example.

     What if we simply took video of you walking from one place to another in the clothes you were in when you were given the card/glossy/flier/handout to get to this page?

     We pay that well, and it can be that easy. We take this stuff seriously! Look at the caliber of our models on this page; they are gorgeous, and you were chosen as their equal. We DO turn down models all the time, because we will only work with models that we know are attractive and have real commercial attention-getting value. And if you wanted to consider modeling as a career path, you can use our still footage and any studio work to add to your resume, port/comp/z-card and website.


…And the CATCH:


     “Yes,” there is a catch! If you are here reading this, you received an offer that needs to be taken advantage of as soon as possible. Although we will always welcome hearing from you, it is your current look we are most interested in, and will therefore pay you the highest for. If you respond a month or more down the line, and your look changes, OR, we have a backlog of models we have to get to, you may not receive the same priority, nor the same pay, as you would right now. We have had many models contact us much later and we were forced to turn them down. (As mentioned, we are VERY selective about who we choose!).

     We’ve made the options easy and diverse for you above. So take advantage of this offer in any way you choose, but please do so now!


This IS the “New Era of Modeling”

     We are among the growing number of agencies across the country specializing in the expansion of how “modeling” is now defined. No longer is it only about having photographic shoots on location and in studios. The evolving internet age has widened the scope of how a woman’s appeal can be utilized, offering both agencies like ours, as well as a much larger number of potential “models” like yourself, the opportunity to capitalize on the development of the new economic environment…fueled largely now (and growing exponentially) by online commerce.


Friendly Contract Required

     You will be required to sign a release contract, which is standard for all modeling jobs. The contract is friendly and states simply a couple core points: That you have received payment, and that we have unlimited use of the video, stills, audio and photos for our marketing efforts. It also appoints us as your agent, should other modeling offers come in that want to use you for modeling; we would contact you to see if you had interest, and if you took the job, you would agree to pay us a percentage (usually 15% of gross) for the amount you earned, for us having found the gig for you. This too is typical, and also an added benefit of working with us; if you are interested, we can obtain for you a substantial viewing audience within a relatively short period of time, offering you a range of new opportunities for you to consider. (And if that does not interest you, we simply will not act as your agent).


PLEASE NOTE: These are “Gigs”…

     Due to some misunderstandings in the past, we need to make sure you understand that this offer is specifically for *gigs*. This is industry lingo meaning that it is not a part-time job offer; it is an offer for earning extra money doing just one to three sessions with us, perhaps over the course of a week, with call-backs offered when we need you for future gigs. We have had a couple interested parties not understand, so we had to clarify. Like most any modeling opportunity, it is very rare for a model to be working on a constant basis with the same company, unless they are established professional models. Unlike other agencies, we are not here to charge you for this opportunity; we are here to PAY YOU for your time and effort. But specifically for gigs, not as an on-going job. Again, just like most modeling offers. We apologize if this was not understood based on what this page presents. BUT, please don’t disregard this opportunity, because we have need for you NOW, or you would not have been introduced to this offer, and by taking advantage of it NOW, you may have other opportunities to help you continue to capitalize from working with us! READ BELOW:



     As a part of working with us, we offer an additional opportunity to make money by producing very short video blurbs, similar to the offer above, but something you would do on your own, as a “work-at-home” opportunity. Not everyone will have the skill set for it, but many do, and is something that can amplify your income dramatically beyond just the sessions we produce with you for our needs. It is a neat little niche that remains virtually unknown, and is a substantial opportunity for you to add to your weekly income in a very easy way, by just taking 15 minutes of your time per each job out of your day. You are paid immediately by a third party for each video blurb. We offer this as part of a “thank you” for working with us, and is done entirely on your own once we teach it to you. We offer this only to models who work with us at least three times, such as three 2-hour gigs. We would then also ask that you contract with us for additional gigs as this secondary source of income continues to grow for you. All will be explained when you work with us.

     AND: More sessions/gigs with other companies, photographers, agencies. Should you wish to let us become an agent and find you more gigs outside of the ones we can offer, we offer that service to you at no cost (there is no cost for anything we offer).


     Contact us by email with any questions, or to let us know what you are willing to do to help us obtain footage of you, and we will discuss times, locations and pay rates: sunoutstudios@yahoo.com

     PLEASE include a picture(s) of yourself, preferably at least one full-length, in any email sent so that we are familiar with who you are. We respond to everyone! If you do not receive a response, we did not receive your email/text/VM, please try again!


Sun Out Studios is a subsidiary of a New York Limited Liability Company, including fat/weight loss/exercise programs, sexy female promotional models and footage, and an array of health supplements and products including raw whey protein, topical magnesium, nascent iodine, vegan protein and other formulas.