New Policy Regarding Bringing Escorts, Friends/Family, to Sessions:

     Sun Out Studios began experimenting in 2015 with a new policy allowing models to bring a friend or family member directly into a modeling session.  We have of course always allowed escorts to be on location, but we set a new policy many years ago (which you can read about elsewhere on this site) as far as not allowing that escort to be in the actual session, such as in the studio during the session, in the gym, or within a reasonable proximity for outdoor footage.

     There are many reasons for this that we discovered best suit the circumstances, based on past interference from third parties, as well as working against the model her/him self, whereby the model may alter their behavior around the escort in a way that can work against both them and our ability to capture the video/still content we need.

     In 2015, we began allowing one friend or family member to be present for sessions, specifically for the youngest participants, those 18 to 21.

     If you would like to take advantage of our opportunity, but feel you absolutely can’t do it without having an escort in the actual session (remember, they would always be nearby regardless, at the location of the session), please let us know this up front.  We will try our best to work with you based on the kind of footage we both agree to, as well as our current obligations.  For certain types of models, certain types of modeling, it is far more important that we are able to obtain the footage, and will therefore allow escorts to be in the room with us for certain types of sessions.

     As always, ask questions about anything you don’t fully understand, we will be happy to answer.