Q: The whole website and offer still confuses me a little…

A: It’s all about being offered two primary opportunities: That of either doing short modeling gigs with us (see “Opportunities For Models” above), anywhere from a mere one gig to potentially having regular gigs on a monthly-or-so basis, or the other opportunity being about branding yourself (see “Branding Opportunity” above), the closest comparison being a YouTube star (but it goes way beyond simply having a YT channel with videos, that is only one part of it).  With the latter, it’s more about forming a business with our company through a contract whereby we get a percentage, and we build you up into your own brand that in turn makes money from a variety of sources.  The latter would also have many build-in “gigs” as a part of what you would be doing.  Many people consider branding to be a lot of fun, though definitely requires dedication and a devotion to both helping yourself, and helping us, build your brand.  Jenna Marbles is the big exceptional example (she is from Webster, if you were unaware; we were in touch with her during her early days on YouTube).   Jenna of course has born-with talent, that not everyone has.  What you would be doing would be much different, regardless of any talents that you feel you do or don’t have.  Countless people are building their own brands daily, and the opportunity, under the right guidance, is still very viable, you just have to know what you’re doing.  We enjoy the branding option a great deal, and encourage you to strongly consider it, but we are happy to work with you for only the gigs opportunity if you choose.


Q: Why was I chosen for these opportunities?

A: Simply because you have a “marketable look.”  What we do is help ourselves and other companies draw attention to their businesses, including products, services, you name it.  Attractive females are among the best…if not “the” best…way to draw attention to business efforts.  Because we specialize in internet marketing, in a variety of forms including many joint venture relationships with other companies, we know what kind of look most appeals to the different audiences we cater to.  Companies want and need internet traffic; with the combination of an attractive female and a marketing formula, we are able to supply that need.


Q: I have a tattoo on my (fill in blank).  Can I still do this?

A: For the record, we search for models that have either very few or no tattoos.  The audiences that view our models simply prefer limited to no tattoos, and our audiences do not seek them out.  Less tattoos also caters to a wider audience by default.  If you have a tattoo that our scout or myself was unable to see, we can likely work around it simply based on what you were wearing when you were approached.  We do not turn down models with tattoos…we have several models that have them.  But we do deliberately look for women with as few tattoos as possible, and having zero tattoos is a bonus for what our company does and what we’re trying to accomplish.


Q: Have I seen Sun Out Studios models anywhere before?

A: Highly probable.  If you are on Facebook for starters, you have likely seen our models in one of those advertising pieces over to the right side of the screen.  Some of those ads look top-notch professional; others look almost amateur in comparison.  We have done both.  There are formulas that we follow in marketing that make sales happen, as an art and science.  Other places you have seen our models are in movies like Tom Cruise’s “Rock of Ages,” an MTV reality show, a huge number of websites (our models have been in banner ads and all sorts of media) and you may’ve come across one of our YouTube branding models.


Q: I don’t have any modeling skills at all.  Can I still do this?

A: Absolutely!  We actually have a preference for amateur models, mainly because new faces are constantly in demand.  You will be lightly directed to make things as easy as possible.  We also take pride in being able to make all of our models look absolutely stunning, through our combined skill sets that enable us to bring out the model’s best in everything we do.  We don’t look good unless you look good.  And we excel at that. 


Q: I have no internet skills at all for that branding stuff.

A: You don’t need them.  That’s what we’re here for.


Q: Can I bring a friend/escort to our first project(s) or modeling gigs together?

A: Of course. If it makes you feel any better, please understand that there are trust issues on both sides of this equation. Fact is, we all have to take some chances in life. This is one such example, and we try to make it as comfortable for us both as possible. Please note that we have the same standards many professional photographers do; the companion can accompany you, but can not be involved in the actual session itself (for example, he/she can remain within visual range of an outdoor park swimsuit gig to watch, but cannot be within verbal interfering distance. This is common in modeling and is very much by design). Sometimes our first meeting is in a public place of mutual agreement, such as at a mall or school, other times at whatever is mutually agreed upon.


Q: How have other models felt about their experience with Sun Out Studios?

A: Please Click Here to read some of the many testimonials our models give us on a constant basis regarding their experience with us, and their comfort level.


Q: How many gigs will I be doing?

A: That is entirely up to us both.  We have had models ask to do only one gig for some extra needed money, such as for holidays, etc, and we have been fine with that.  With other models we have done as much as a gig a week for an entire season, such as the summer, and other models the same, with even more gigs the following year and beyond in many cases.


Q: Can I keep the pictures/video taken of me?

A: We allow the models to use picture content for their resumes.  All picture/video/audio rights are given to our company, as is always the case with any modeling offer, but the model can make use of the pictures for her resume/comp card/z-card/etc.  We sometimes have studio sessions with one of our photographers specifically to cater to the model’s needs for this purpose.  The model provides needed content in exchange for what she needs from a photographic standpoint.


Q: Can I hold off on this and contact you in the future?

A: Yes BUT, (with a BIG “BUT” here), there is a 50/50 or less chance we will accept you when you finally do respond. Why? Two main reasons: 1, because if you were contacted now, our schedule is such that we can take on another model or two, so we have some available time. And 2, because your look will likely change at some point; be it on purpose or due to natural changes, and the window for a lady to take advantage of modeling-type opportunities too often shrinks with age. Please don’t misunderstand that. It does NOT mean you become less attractive with age (we are heavily involved in the health/nutrition/fitness field, and we have a few models that are over 40 in that niche). What it DOES mean is that your *market value* changes. This applies to all models, male or female. It just so happens that a certain very young age range has a certain demographic, a little older another demographic, and it continues to change from there. You need to take advantage of your age now to fully capitalize on this opportunity both now and for the long haul. And we ask kindly that if you do decide to contact us months from now or longer, we require that you include a face and full-length picture (taken within the week) in your correspondence.


Q: The branding option…Can I see one of  your brand models?  Like one on YouTube?

A: Unfortunately, “no.”  The reason: What we do with our branding is highly proprietary, trade-secret-type stuff.  We do not want people analyzing what we’re doing, and reverse-engineering it.  This would create competition for us, and defeat our purpose for being in business.  If a model is interested in the branding option, we also have her sign a non-disclosure agreement, so that anything she is involved in with us that exposes our methods and techniques, is not something she can share with others.  It’s just like any “secret sauce” product, for lack of better comparison; the more we divulge, the more risk we take with our business.


Q: Will I have to maintain my current look in order for this to work?

A: To an extent, “yes.” This does not mean you can’t change over time. You absolutely can. But all modeling contracts, the serious ones, require that the model adhere to a few different physical traits, usually for about a year, since it is understood to be a marketing angle in and of itself. The main points are hair length and color, weight/fitness level, body piercings and tattoos, with minor variances of each being acceptable.


Q: I am definitely interested!  What do I do now?

A: Contact us and let us know!…


 Please contact us if you have more questions or interest in participating at: sunoutstudios at yahoo dot com