Current need for women over 30

     This season we have a special need for women over 30, due to demand for weight loss products in the 30-and-above arena.

     Although we have always worked with over 30 and over 40 models for years now, we would like to bring in even more, not only due to commercial needs but as a sort of positive cultural influence.

     Young women have long been used in marketing as we all know. Our society readily associates youth with beauty, for understandable reasons.  We would like to encourage and further the notion that mature women can be just as attractive…if not even more so.

     Our entertainment industry has been making an effort in this direction for many years now. There are now countless “older” celebrities that prove aging need not go hand in hand with loss of appeal.

     The body is the focus in this area, as it is for much of what we do here at Sun Out Studios. Our material overwhelmingly focuses on the fitness and wellness industries.

     Putting the effort into health and fitness as we age unquestionably yields fantastic results for women, keeping them looking sexy, and just as desirable…*just as desirable*…as any hot 20 year old.

     And we would like to be a part of spreading that mentality within our culture on a wider basis.

     Finally, women can be beautiful, sexy, outright HOT…at almost ANY age.

     If you were approached with a business card, or asked to visit this site, and are over 30, 40 or even beyond, we hope that you will consider the offer. We will help you choose which of our many options work best for you, and are very conscious of your concerns about modeling post-youth. As always, please ask any/all questions about your options and we’ll help determine what works best for us both, based on your comfort levels and what we need most in material at the time.

     Please note: You look great, or you would not have been approached. We have a definite need for specific traits you have, such as body comfort/confidence, fitness level, or other appeal.  We will make you look amazing in the promotional materials you are featured in, because we don’t look good unless you do, and will go extra lengths to ensure you are happy with the sessions and what we’re doing.

     Please write to us at our address found on the home page, or call if you have our number, and I’d be happy to speak with you about your options. You will find the session(s) to be very enjoyable and worth your time (even fun, according to our models), as you help set the new standards for how amazing a mature woman can look.

     Tim Ritter