YouTube as a Business Platform

(Update 2017: We have decided to leave this page up for now, but please note that Youtube has made some dramatic policy changes this year, such as with their monetization program.  There are still opportunities with Youtube worth exploring, especially if you already have your own channel that you would like to draw more attention to.  But in general, we are focusing more on other promotional efforts with our models at this time.  If you are currently using Youtube as a business platform, feel free to contact us if you would like to better understand the changes they have enacted, how they may affect you, and what you can do to help manage and benefit from this transition.  We would be happy to assist)

    We’ve all seen the famous YouTube personalities, and the not-so-famous but still have tens of thousands, or more, subscribers.  These people are making good money from their YouTube presence, and there are even companies out there who specialize in partnering with people of all kinds in order to help develop a business model that can be capitalized on over the long term.

     We are one such company.


     If you have ever had interest in building your own brand online, as a potential long-term career, but have never known exactly how to go about it, that’s where we come in.  The knowledge required to do so is often a huge learning curve for most people and that does not count the tricks of the trade that only seasoned marketers in the online world are privy to.

     If you have ever tried to start a YouTube channel, you know that getting attention drawn to it…garnering traffic…can be extremely difficult.  Google, (who owns YouTube) has gone lengths to prevent people from profiting off of search engine tricks or other spammy schemes that attempt to draw undue attention to a  YouTuber’s efforts.  Countless YouTube channels are revoked every single day, due to people not abiding by the Terms of Service, not understanding copyright violations, or just from utilizing underhanded methods to attempt to cheat the system.  Google now excels at recognizing “cheaters,” and “sandboxes” them instantly when they see their system is being gamed.

     Teaming up with us avoids this all together.  Not only do we understand the legalities, we also know how to secure domains and build great looking yet user-friendly websites that people want to come to, as well as how to fill out the rest of the effort to build a business model that can be truly effective, creating an on-going and legitimate income stream for the participants.  There are more avenues to create income streams from branding than most any newbie realizes, even advanced methods known only by a handful of internet marketers.  We know and use these tactics daily.  Branding as a whole is both an art and a science, and it is what we love doing most with our modeling efforts.

     If this sounds interesting to you, simply contact us with any questions or comments.  Be sure to send at least one picture of yourself, and we will respond within a day or two with more details.  A contract is required that enables a life-long revenue share (that can be bought out by either party in the future) as well as non-disclosure agreements and unlimited use rights, typical of all our modeling work.  Please understand that the availability for this offer is limited, since we have only a limited number of available representatives who can work on your branding at once, and the devotion to it is a long-term one, that requires patience on the part of both parties, and a business relationship that can expand and evolve over time.



(Jenna Marbles is from Rochester/Webster, btw..;)



Q: I don’t understand exactly what this offer is all about.

A: It’s pretty simple. It’s all about taking time you may already be spending online…time involving you having your presence out there for others to see…and turning it into money. That’s really all this is.


Q: Isn’t this something I can do on my own?

A: Yes. If you know how to draw attention and traffic your way, how to become a YouTube partner, how to place advertising on your own web page that you can earn commissions from and how you can sell space on your web page for a monthly fee. These are all things we have made a study of for many years. We understand how it all works and how to accomplish it all as efficiently as possible. If you are not well versed in keyword research, marketing, effective sales copy, web site building, search engine optimization, backlinking, media buys, video production and market niches…then like any model, you might welcome an agent who knows his way around these areas and be willing to share in the fruits of those labors. That’s what we do.


Q: This seems unusual!

A: It is being done all over the place, you just don’t know about it. There are countless joint ventures on the internet as “the” way to best amplify one’s own efforts. If you surf the internet much, you come across it constantly but have no idea that that is what you are viewing. We are among those few out there who actively seeks out partners, and perhaps the only one in upstate NY doing so. And we have partners of all sorts across the nation in various projects not limited to our “Studio” models.  Companies and people that we have teamed up with in business ventures where we use each other to help bring in more income. It works, and is one of the few remaining opportunities left in this miserable economy we have. An economy that is not going to get much better. We’re not being cynical, we’re being realistic and basing it on years of studying the market, politics and the economy.


Q: Can I see samples/links as to what you do with the branding opportunity?

A: Unfortunately, “no,” much of that is proprietary.  There is good reason for this. With the branding, if we were to reveal sites and links showing our current model’s projects, it could offer at least a partial opportunity for a person to pick apart and “reverse engineer” what we’re doing, in effect creating competition for ourselves, the very last thing we want. Those involved in branding will learn some of our industry by default, which is absolutely fine; we have contracts in place so that both parties benefit and are protected. But with the branding effort, we do not reveal much unless we have worked with the model for a while and feel comfortable sharing what we’re doing to help bring exposure to her and our offers.


Q: Is there REALLY money in this?

A: You bet there is. You have no idea, if you need to ask that question. We have been in online marketing for many years now. We never cease to be jealous about how *easy* it is for you attractive ladies in comparison to the rest of the online efforts out there. The scope of it is larger than you likely realize, and we can explain these advantages to you as we work together.


Q: HOW fast can I start making money?!?

A: Within a reasonably short period of time.  There will be some opportunities, under certain conditions depending on the model, where opportunities for income can happen within just a week, such as video work. Then within that first week you will have payments coming directly to you for those gigs, and are quite easy to do; just talking into the camera based on scripts that will come to you, and your own personal decision as to whether or not to take them or not (no, not webcam nudity or similar). Then, as you have those opportunities come in, more of your “branding” will be worked on that offers the residual payments, which is where the important money is. We realize a model often wants money “now” for her efforts, and you will be given options that can help create that circumstance for you.  From there, everything builds over time regardless.


Q: What will you actually be doing for me?

A: One heck of a lot. 🙂 We will be managing your online presence and be building you a fan base. This will include anything you do not have already: YouTube channel, website and other site presences, introducing your presence to the online community. It amounts to a grand effort on our part, but is worth it, because we already *know* your look is marketable; that’s why you were approached. Once people know you exist, you will build an audience, and one that can be extremely loyal and most importantly, willing to spend money just because they’re exposed to it through the content we help you build.


Q: How much actual time and work will this require?

A: We will work this issue out at the time of the phone interview. We realize many of those approached are in school and have massive time constraints. We will work with you on this, and determine what you can commit to that we can agree to contractually to help ensure this does not become yet another burden, but instead is an enjoyable side project, something more of a “break” from your other responsibilities, that you can look forward to knowing it’s adding to your current income and your future financial stability based on what you can take advantage of now.


Q: I don’t want to use my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for something like this…that’s just for friends…

A: And we wouldn’t want you to.  You would be setting up completely different and independent profiles on certain social media platforms based on your particular situation.  Many people keep what they do online for business purposes entirely separate from their established social presences.


Q: I’m not sure if I can even do what would be required…

A: This is of course something that we both will need to determine through the interview process. It IS a crucial factor as to whether or not this endeavor is suited to you or not. What you do NOT have to worry about, is any need to be extra-talented, or even have any kind of entertainment skills. That is not what this is about. It happens to be a bonus if you do, but will not affect your ability to monetize your online presence if you do not. That is the advantage to being eye-catching…people will be interested in what we produce from the project regardless. Look at the Kardashians as an indirectly related TV example. See any “talent” on that show? (we don’t!). What you will be doing is not too far removed from a sort of “reality show.” But you of course will not have a camera following you all the time…just several video efforts worth a week that you and I will coordinate will be enough, or some sort of part-time schedule that works for us both. The content itself that we will produce will be based on what at the time creates the most audience…that’s part of what we do.


Q: I have no online or other skills whatsoever…

A: Again, you do not need to. The most popular people online *do* have entertainment skill sets. They are making more money than you would believe doing what they do. And their income comes in just through advertising revenue that they have nothing to do with directly. Meanwhile, there are the much smaller…”entertainers,” so to speak (like you)…that very quietly have their own little niche, that are not producing amazing video content all the time, and are instead just being themselves, who also happen to be great-looking or in some way eye-catching, and end up making a nice living and even career out of their efforts, with the right kind of guidance.


Q: Do I have to take my clothes off?

A: As mentioned elsewhere on this site, there is no nudity or porn. There is plenty of opportunity in the branding effort that will never require it. “YES,” we need you in swimsuits and other clothes that show lots of skin. But it is tasteful, while alluring enough to keep a male audience…whom you will monetize…interested in keeping tabs on you, and then be exposed to your advertising that you will earn off of.


Q: I am definitely interested.  Is there even more I can get out of this?

A: If this is something that you know you can do and would want to use this as a vehicle for other careers, the audience that will build will lead to even greater opportunities if you want them. You can use what we do to help you land other gigs in the entertainment industry if you like, with a great resume to boot due to the exposure we will help you obtain. And, you will very likely be approached at different times (via email) with offers to participate in other things. We will help you discern what is and is not legit, help you negotiate those opportunities, and you can pick and choose what to get involved with. We will take a small percentage from these opportunities as part of our contract, and in exchange for all that we do to enable you to obtain the attention that will come your way.

This is simply one of the best opportunities out there today, especially suited towards young women.  We encourage you to strongly consider taking advantage of it while the opportunity still exists online.