On-Going Need for Shorts Models:

     We are working in conjunction with a very large online shorts store that has a never-ending need/demand for ladies who will model various styles of shorts, especially jean shorts, sporty shorts and short-shorts.  Often times our scouts choose models who are wearing shorts, which automatically qualifies them for shorts-type footage if they are not interested in anything else.

     So if you’re not sure whether you want to model, please keep in mind that we have a constant need for simple shorts-type footage.  It does not pay as high as swimsuit footage, but is very simple and gives you one opportunity to work with us, simply wearing the shorts you were wearing when you were approached.  We would need the brand/style of short if it’s available on the short, so that we can offer our content to the suppliers that need it for that style of short, and we can work an entire session based on other styles of shorts you may have…or, possibly offer a “shopping session” to obtain shorts, if they are in season and we have need for additional styles.