BossBoyMVI_1030     Tim Ritter is a long-time online entrepreneur and marketer with an extensive background in all aspects of SEO, understanding the nuances of search engine and social media marketing. He also has backgrounds in health, fitness, nutrition, alternative medicine, real estate management and law.

     Obsessed with video from a very early age, Tim’s first video camera utilized the old betamax format, with video cameras that were literally fifty times the size of today’s current technology and producing only half the quality at best. Being an avid fan of the entertainment and advertising industry since childhood, he combined his interests and skills and translated them into money-making opportunities on the internet. His brands currently offer over two dozen different products and services with over 15 websites. Among these, Tim has two long-established fat and weight loss programs with a core focus on superior alternative health, after having survived a painful and long-term chronic illness in 2005. Tim achieves top search engine ranking both on Google and Amazon for one of his Quick Start Guides available as a Kindle book, as well as other informative forms of content.  His various brands became his sole source of income starting in 2008, with a focus on utilizing attractive female models of all ages to help garner attention to marketing efforts.  Always looking for appealing models interested in pursuing a similar business, Tim also acts as partner via branding (see “Branding” section above for more details) and other business joint ventures.




     Liz Clark is our resources, legal and accounting manager, helping to ensure all marketing follows international guidelines relating to internet laws, FCC and other online legal organizations. She assists in the drafting of all modeling contracts, prepares taxes, and acts as part-time text editor for many of the websites involved. She has educational backgrounds in all of these areas and takes the “tedious” out of the never-ending complications of online marketing, as well as negotiating third-party joint ventures between Sun Out Studio’s parent company and other organizations.




     Steve McNeil assists with website development and stability as well as building ads from the footage we produce. His knowledge of html coding, java, scripts, and on multiple platforms and operating systems enables him to work just about anywhere with any piece of hardware and software to quickly and easily build sites, banners, gifs, and all of the intricacies associated with their operation. As a software specialist, he helps secure all parts of the online operation relating to security issues such as hacking, maleware, virus, trojans, highjacking, etc. and ensures constant backups on our servers and monitors our hosting services.




     Asif Ali is one of our photographers providing high quality still imagery for those who are serious about a long-term modeling career, and need an array of poses and various attire to add to their resumes and comp cards.  Asif is long established in the Rochester area as a trustworthy photographer, and Sun Out Studios has worked with him for years.  He also happens to be an amazing guy, with a knack for directing still shots and is just plain fun to work with.  Doesn’t his photo say it all?  😉






Extra-special high-fives and kudos to those who’ve helped us behind the scenes such as Jim and Dan Carlton, Phil Talenger, Alan Insalaco, Chris Heddon, and our “Girl Scouts” Jackie, Victoria, Irene, Kristin, Kristine and Jennifer.

Sun Out Studios is part of a New York Limited Liability Company, including fat/weight loss/exercise programs, sexy female promotional models and footage, and an array of health supplements and products including raw whey protein, topical magnesium, nascent iodine, vegan protein and other formulas.